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This website is an effort to collect and compile database of lawyers/advocates of India. The website intends to cover different domains of law and club the information making it easily accessible to the general public.

Why Need this Site
In this modern world the great changes take place on the global scenario. endeavors to put all information related to laws as well as the changes from time to time besides putting up a database of lawyers of India. Apart from this also provides a platform for people to exchange their views about things. also aims at delivering information about lawyers as well as information about legal issues in the most convenient way. Any person with internet knowledge of internet can find information about the subject of his choice. The website also aims to link Indians seeking relevant information about the advocates.

To keep the website update in this highly competitive developing age, it is our humble request to you to kindly give us feedback regularly.

Advantages for Advocates

* Great Database of Advocates
* Opportunity to advertise your services
* Easy yet effective way to reach your target audience

Advantages for General People

* An effective way to find the right advocate to solve your problems
* Details of various advocates practicing in different courts of India
* Free resources on 24x7 basis